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In the United States, despite being a county known for its hallmark freedoms, and quality of life for its people, we have one of the most stringent and difficult to combat legal systems around. The truth of the matter is that, with the federal government having a 97+% conviction rate, and the State of New York hovering around 70%, anyone looking to defend themselves within the court system, is fighting an uphill battle. And the truth is, in order to even come close to evening the playing field, you’ve usually got to be rich and be able to afford a top flight attorney, that’s not only got your best interests in mind, but is dedicated to fighting tooth and nail, for your freedom.

Known for her tenacity in the courtroom, as well as her unflappable legal knowledge, Ms. Tabachnikova has been able to help countless individuals to earn their freedom, as well as to get a number of clients deals that other lawyers could only dream of – and she is able to do so while still working with her clients at reasonable, fair rates for legal counsel. What you simply have to understand is that when the city, state or federal government has got you in their crosshairs, it can be nearly impossible to get out of.

One thing that they don’t always tell you is that isn’t always simply about the case at hand, but other factors apply as well. Some of these factors are political, and others are about ‘who knows who’ – as a practicing attorney for many years, while having lived her entire life in New York City, and also going through her entire legal education and training in the city, Ms. Tabachnikova knows her way around the legal world of NYC. Her many valuable connections, her intimate network of colleagues, and the respect she has garnered from clients, colleagues, as well as her adversaries are all on your side when you choose her as your attorney. While there are countless criminal defense attorneys across the city, few can match the knowledge, the experience, as well as the respect of Yanina Tabachnikova. For an attorney that has got your back, through thick and thin, be sure to contact Ms. Tabachnikova today.

For more information on ALL NY LAW services, practice areas, or to schedule a legal consultation to discuss your criminal defense needs, with the one and only, Yanina Tabachnikova, Esq. be sure to reach out to us online or via phone as soon as possible.

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Don't trust your future to just any attorney. Demand an experienced attorney who only handles criminal defense, practices in New York City, and has handled cases like yours before.

The New York City "system" of criminal justice is not consistent. It was not constructed at a particular time or place but has slowly evolved over time and differently in different places throughout the metropolitan area. At it's core lies the belief that a person may be punished by the government only if their guilt has been properly proven. Every borough and county in the New York City metropolitan area has its own criminal justice system, and there is a Federal one as well. All have their similarities and differences. Criminal cases begin with a formal arrest or desk appearance ticket charging the commission of one or multiple offenses involving violations, or felonies.

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