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Client Reviews

Thank you so much!

“thank you so much Yanina! This is an absolutely amazing lawyer who helped us with a complicated case which needed expertise in both criminal and family law. Can’t recommend her services enough!”


Yanina is simply the best!!!

“Yanina Tabachnikova and her law office deserve more than 5 stars for the way she treats her clients and the services she provides. Her professionalism and advices are priceless! Would recommend to all my friends as the most knowledgeable attorney I know. Thank you for everything!!!”

Tetyana S

Great legal expert!

“I recommend Yana to all my friends who are going through divorce or separation. She is exactly what a client needs when going through a nasty divorce. Yanina is highly knowledgeable, personable and knows how to save someone from an ugly situation. She gives amazing advice and methodical in her research. I’ve consulted with two other attorneys and choosing her was the best decision I’ve made.”


Criminal Defense / DUI!

“Yanina is awesome! Incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating! Very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Highly recommend Yanina for legal services!”


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