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Criminal Defense Law

Criminal Defense Law
In today’s world of tumultuous times, and troubles, the world is quite the uncertain place. And an average, normal day, can flip at the drop of a dime – with things changing for the worst in seconds. Often, a split-second decision can change someone’s life, often for the worst. Now whether you’ve found yourself in a legal predicament due to a split-second lapse in judgement, loss in clarity or just not thinking – a moment of negligence can put you in a terrible legal situation, where you might be forced to fight for your freedom. In the event you have been charged with a criminal case, whether it be for petty misdemeanors or more serious felony cases, mounting a strong criminal defense is vital to your freedom and future. The fact is that within the American legal system, an individual is always considered innocent, until they are proven guilty, and no matter whether you are truly guilty or innocent, doesn’t matter, as you are still entitled to a strong, and competent criminal defense, by a bar-certified criminal defense attorney like Yanina Tabachnikova, Esq. one of New York City’s most prominent lawyers. At the helm of All NY Law, Ms. Tabachnikova is a native New Yorker, having grown up in the city, all of her life. Having attended New York University (NYU) for her undergrad, and obtaining her Juris Doctorate, law degree at the Touro School of Law, right here in Islip, Ms. Tabachnikova knows the city inside and out, as well as its laws. Her years of experience, and intimate knowledge of the intricacies of NYC’s legal world, she has slowly gained notoriety as being one of the best criminal defense attorneys around. Being both well read on the law, and having put in countless hours of first-hand, casework – handling everything from DWI/DUI’s, drug charges, and violent crimes, to traffic laws, petty misdemeanors and much more, she has got exactly what you need to get the justice you deserve.

Why Choose Yanina Tabachnikova as Your Criminal Defense Attorney?
In the United States, despite being a county known for its hallmark freedoms, and quality of life for its people, we have one of the most stringent and difficult to combat legal systems around. The truth of the matter is that, with the federal government having a 97+% conviction rate, and the State of New York hovering around 70%, anyone looking to defend themselves within the court system, is fighting an uphill battle. And the truth is, in order to even come close to evening the playing field, you’ve usually got to be rich and be able to afford a top flight attorney, that’s not only got your best interests in mind, but is dedicated to fighting tooth and nail, for your freedom. No matter what the issues or the odds you are stacked up against might tell you, an attorney like Yanina Tabachnikova stands up with and for her clients in the face of adversity, and answers the call to work even harder than anyone else would. She will do anything and everything, within the confines of the law, to ensure that each and every detail and piece of evidence is taken into account and thoroughly examined to help get her clients the justice they deserve.

What is Criminal Defense Law?
As we previously mentioned, the United States legal system, while being known for its freedoms, and the old adage that we are innocent until proven to be guilty, is a tough egg to crack. One important thing to understand about the legal system in general, is that it can be broken down into 2 major branches, civil and criminal. Criminal defense law is a broad umbrella, covering a number of different sub-topics and areas of law. In our society, there are sets of state and federal laws that deem certain behaviors and activities to be illegal, and thus punishable by violations, fines, and even jail time. And while civil charges are designed to handle disputes between individuals, criminal cases are pursued by the state or federal courts, via a prosecutor who is entrusted with upholding the statutes that govern our country. And with unlimited resources, tax dollars, and a number of other handy tricks, the prosecution will generally always have the upper hand, no matter how strong your case might be or how innocent you KNOW you are, a criminal defense attorney with the pedigree of a Yanina Tabachnikova is vital to help earn you your freedom. As a criminal defense attorney, she and her team at All NY Law, will do their absolute diligence to acquire as many supporting details and pieces of evidence to help you to prove your innocence. Using her legal knowledge, her way with words, and her hard-working nature, she and her team will do everything in their power to earn you the justice that you deserve.

What Does Criminal Defense Law Entail?One of the most important things to understand about criminal charges is that they encompass quite a bit of the law, and individuals can be charged criminally, for a number of different actions. Some of these actions include:

Drug Charges

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing

Property Crimes

  • Theft
  • Burglary or Robbery

Crimes Against a Person

  • Assault & Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Kidnapping & False Imprisonment

Public Safety Violations

  • Public Intoxication & Open Containers
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Disturbing the Peace

Fraud & Financial Crimes

  • Identity Theft
  • Misc. Fraud
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Embezzlement

Crimes Against the Government

  • Perjury
  • Contempt of Court
  • Rioting
  • Probation Violations

Other Crimes

  • DWI’s & DUI’s
  • Sex Crimes
  • Curfew Laws

And Much More!
At All NY Law, Ms. Yanina Tabachnikova, Esq. and her team, are here to represent you at each and every phase of the legal process. The team has helped countless innocent individuals evade unfair or unwarranted charges and maintain their freedom and right to prosperity. Depending on the specifics of your case, there are many steps to the judicial process, and you need an attorney that will stand by you at each and every juncture. Led by Ms. Tabachnikova, our team will approach your case with a level of diligence and attention to detail that is unmatched across NYC. Spending countless hours, pouring over every detail and piece of evidence in your case, leaving no stone unturned on our quest to obtain your freedom.
With a not guilty verdict being our supreme goal! No matter if you are being charged with a set of petty misdemeanors or more serious felony charges, you need the top criminal defense attorney on your side, believing in you and your freedom. As our constitution dictates, you have the right to a strong and competent legal defense, so why not make it the best criminal defense NYC has to offer, with Yanina Tabachnikova at the helm. She isn’t just a caring attorney, but a person as well, who will stand by you no matter what, and approaches each and every case or claim with careful, thorough analysis, with the best interests of her clients at heart. If you’ve been charged with a criminal charge, or simply need legal counsel, be sure to contact Yanina Tabachnikova, Esq. today!

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