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We believe it is important for our clients to get honest and professional advice before making a claim.
The attorney at Law Office of Yanina Tabachnikova answered some of the most common questions for you to review. If you have any query, call us at 833-440-6464.

When do I need a lawyer for a criminal case?

A defendant almost always should hire a lawyer to handle a criminal case. When so much is at stake, the knowledge and experience accumulated by a professional can make a huge difference. They may be able to recognize problems with the prosecution’s case or available defenses that an ordinary person could not identify. The prosecution can bring substantial resources to pursuing a case, so retaining an attorney is an important way to level the playing field. Even if you plead guilty, they may be able to negotiate a better plea bargain because the prosecution likely will take your position more seriously if you have a lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer even if the prosecution offers a standard plea bargain?

Can You Change Lawyers in the Middle of Your Trial? 

Should I Hire a Public Defender?

Should I tell my lawyer the truth, even if I may be guilty?

What is I want to represent myself?

Can I be convicted if I did not know that I was committing a crime?

What is criminal negligence?

What is considered premeditated?

What is malice?

What is the statute of limitations?

Can I get an arrest off my record?

Is there a difference between sealing and expunging juvenile records?

Can I see the criminal record of someone else?

Is self-defense viable, if I started the fight?

Can I use self-defense if I was defending someone else?

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